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A 10-week program where you'll learn everything you need to know to excel in the media as a healthcare professional.

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11333 Moorpark St. #30

Studio City, CA 91602

Tel. (747)-271-5757

MediaRX does not promise or guarantee any media results. Results vary based on client.

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MediaRX Academy

A 10-week program where you'll learn everything you need to know to excel in the media as a healthcare professional.

Headlines, Hospitals & HIPPA

Thrive at the intersection of healthcare and media by transforming your approach to media engagement. Ensure you navigate this challenging landscape with confidence and integrity.

How I Pitched Myself Onto TV

Learn how Nurse Alice successfully pitched herself onto TV. Perfect for anyone eager to share their expertise in media.

TV & Film for Health Experts

Become an expert consultant on television and film sets, explore key roles, industry opportunities, and strategies for leveraging your medical knowledge.

Your Voice in Podcast

Create, produce, and promote impactful podcasts, focusing on content creation, audience engagement, and leveraging audio platforms to amplify your expertise and message.

Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Brands

Gain strategic insight into branding and marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage consumers and grow your brand presence.

Protecting Your Brand & Intellectual Property

Learn strategies to safeguard your brand identity and intellectual assets, covering legal protections, trademarking, copyrighting, and best practices for maintaining brand integrity.

Writing for TV Medical Shows

Learn the essentials of crafting compelling, accurate, and engaging scripts for medical and reality shows, blending medical expertise with creative storytelling techniques.

Brand Contracts & Partnerships

Learn how to navigate, negotiate, and secure effective brand partnerships, focusing on key contract elements, legal considerations, and strategies for maximizing benefits.

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