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Jul 25, 2024 - Jul 25, 2024

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In today's healthcare environment, professionals must skillfully balance media exposure, clinical practice, and regulatory compliance. "MediaRX: Headlines, Hospitals, and HIPAA" is a focused, one-session course that leverages the personal experiences of Nurse Alice Benjamin, a seasoned healthcare provider and media expert, to help participants navigate the challenging landscape of media with confidence and integrity, while protecting their patients and personal professional brands. What You'll Learn: 1. Understand HIPAA & Policy Compliance: Explore the nuances of HIPAA, hospital policies and learn how to communicate effectively without compromising confidentiality to protect patient privacy in all media interactions. 2. Media Management: Learn strategies for handling media inquiries, crafting effective public statements, and utilizing social media platforms responsibly. 3. Crisis Crisis Communication: Develop skills to manage media relations during healthcare crises without compromising patient confidentiality and strategies to handle media crisis to protect your personal and professional reputation. 4. Real-World Insights: Gain valuable insights from Nurse Alice’s personal stories of navigating media while ensuring HIPAA compliance. 5. Practical Applications: Engage in interactive exercises to practice media communication skills, preparing for real-world scenarios. 6. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understand the legal and ethical implications of media engagements, balancing transparency and privacy in healthcare communications. Instructor: The course is led by Alice Benjamin, also known as Nurse Alice, a renowned nurse practitioner, healthcare advocate, and media expert. Alice shares her personal experiences and expertise to provide participants with practical knowledge and insights.

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