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Apr 4, 2024 - Apr 4, 2025


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About This Masterclass

This MediaRX Masterclass is about thriving at the forefront of healthcare and media. Join us on Thursday, April 4, 2024 for an experience that will transform your approach to media engagements, ensuring you navigate this challenging landscape with confidence and integrity. This Masterclass will cover: 1. HIPAA & Policy Compliance: Dive deep into the nuances of HIPAA regulations and hospital policies and learn how to communicate effectively without compromising confidentiality. 2. Media Training for Healthcare Professionals: Develop skills to articulate complex medical information clearly and compellingly on camera, ensuring your message is heard and respected. 3. Crisis Management and Public Relations: Equip yourself with strategies to handle media crisis to protect your personal and professional reputation. 4. Develop Your Brand: Learn how to craft and convey a personal brand that resonates with your audience, making you a sought-after voice in your specialty. 5. Interactive Learning Experience: Dive into authentic scenarios, engage in role-playing activities, and benefit from tailored feedback. This approach offers practical experience and boosts your confidence. Join us for this transformative experience and become the media-savvy healthcare professional you aspire to be.

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