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A 10-week program where you'll learn everything you need to know to excel in the media as a healthcare professional.

Media Training

Master the art of conveying complex health information clearly and ensuring your message resonates with diverse audiences. From crafting your pitch to producers to your presence on camera - we help you ace the interview. 


Get a comprehensive media consultation tailored to your brand's unique business needs, focusing on enhancing visibility, credibility, and engagement. We can help you effectively engage audiences and achieve measurable growth.

Where Healthcare & Media Intersect

Video Production

Learn how to plan and prepare your content, from research and concept development, to script creation and technical preparation to production. We help bring your story to life in a visual manner.

What We Do

Public Health Messaging

We equip individuals, companies, and brands with the skills to craft and disseminate educational messages that promote public health. This includes strategies for effective communication during health crises, creating impactful health campaigns, and using media to educate the public on trending and critical health issues.

Professional Brand Building

We provide guidance on creating and maintaining a professional brand that reflects the individual's expertise and values. This involves developing a consistent public image, utilizing social media and other platforms to increase visibility, and leveraging networking opportunities to build a robust professional presence in the media.

Media Training

We train medical professionals to communicate complex health information clearly and persuasively across various media platforms. This includes understanding the nuances of different media channels, crafting compelling messages, and using storytelling techniques to engage and educate the audience effectively.

Research Dissemination

We teach healthcare professionals how to effectively communicate research findings to a broader audience using health literacy. This includes translating complex scientific data into accessible information, identifying important elements and angles of your research to lead with for different audiences, and advocating for health policy changes based on research evidence.

Community Engagement

We provide tools and strategies to engage your audience through media. This includes creating content that empowers one’s audience, fosters a sense of community, fosters participation and builds support networks. 

Public Speaking

We train leaders in effective communication skills, disseminating research, and how to advocate important health policies and issues while staying current with media trends and technologies.

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Join the movement towards a more informed and healthier society.

MediaRX is a boutique multimedia production company dedicated to merging the realms of healthcare and media.  Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes by using media to disseminate accurate health information. By offering specialized media trainings, consultations and other media services we empower health brands to effectively communicate their messages and stories through various media platforms, including podcasts, digital, TV/Films, radio, and books.


Our commitment extends beyond media training for providers; we help you share your story to the masses. Our goal is to disseminate vital health information in a way that is widely accessible and understood. MediaRX plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between healthcare communities and the healthcare consumers.

This is MediaRX